Magic Mop
Magic Mop
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by Easy Mop. / India

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  • Paradigm 5 pc household cleaning kit

Main item Configuration

Magic Mop +
FREE GIFTS: (Included inside the main product package)1. Microfibre Super Mitt (Chenille gloves - pack of 2) Worth Rs. 300
2. Sink Snake Drain Hair Removal (pack of 2) Worth Rs. 150
3. Free Mop Heads (Nos. 5) worth Rs. 1000

Main item/Add component size

1. Handle (1 no)
2. Mop Holder (1 no)
3. Water Bucket (1 no)
4. Mop Head (1 no)
5. User Manual

Main item/Add component density/weight/strength

1. Handle (1 no)
2. Mop Holder (1 no)
3. Water Bucket (1 no)
4. Mop Head (1 no)
5. User Manual

Main item/Add component color


Main item/Add component Material

The MOP heads are made of microfibres.

Representative A/S Center Tel
Monday to Friday: 10:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m.

Feature Description

1. Newest hand press and half-automatic rebound system to help you spin the basket without pedal

Company/Brand Introduction

Magic Mop


• NO PEDAL- easy to use/ hassle free
• NON SLIPPING BASE: for easy movement and helps the bucket not to slip
• HANDLE: non slipping/ perfect grip …adjustable length
• SPINER: In build SPINER, to rinse the washed mop without any pressure & bending.
(No more dirtying your hands)
• 3 STAGE EXTENSION: helps in different level of cleaning
• LOCK MECHANISM: helps to maintain the handle at 1 level
• VARIETY OF MOPHEADS: 6 different mop heads given to use in different areas like bathroom, kitchen etc
• MICROFIBER : this material help to easily catch hold of all kinds of dirt leaving the floor / cleaning area spic and span
• MACHINE WASH SAFE : the microfiber material is machine washable so no need to spend time cleaning the cloth/ dirty your hands
• MICROFIBER CLOTH : helps in easy removal of dry as well as wet dirt
• EXPENSIVE SHOWPIECES/ DIGITAL DEVICES: these devices require dry cleaning
• SINK CLEANER : helps cleans vegetable/ food remains in the sink for which you would not like to use your hand
• DRAIN HAIR REMOVER: specially designed to remove hair stuck in bathroom drain remover

Use/take/the archive and Precautions

1. Assembling the mop head – Place the Mop Head under the Mop Holder, step on the Holder, you will know the mop head is attached when you hear it ‘click’
2. Disassembling the mop head- Step on the Mop Head, pull the handle upward.
3. Adjusting the angle of the handle- Simply turn the handle to about 45 degree, then turn the handle left or right to set the angle that you want. The spinning disk will rotate 360 degree.
4. Turn left to open, turn right to lock.
5. Use hand press and rebound and rebound system, just press the handle several times, you will find the mop head refill be dehydrated completely, even though without pedal.
6. Hold on it when you press the handle.


Product can be returned within 48 hrs (2 days) of delivery, only in case of Damage, Wrong or Defective product.
Cosmetics – Only in case of injury / side effect, along with medical note from Reg. Doctor confirming that the side effect is caused by the product.
Digital Items– Only in case of Damaged, Dead on Arrival, or Wrong product / SKU. NO RETURN if seal is broken or tampered.


Product can be exchanged within 48hrs (2 days) of delivery, however the product should be unused AND in as-delivered condition. i.e. With all components, complete packing, tags, manual, warranty card, etc. ( PRODUCT SHOULD NOT BE USED / WORN, WASHED / ASSEMBLED / INSTALLED ) Once correct product is delivered in good condition OR customer has used product, customer has to contact Manufacturer customer care for any product issues.
Cosmetics & Food – Only in case of expired, damaged or wrong product.
Digital Items – Only in case of Damaged, Dead on Arrival, or Wrong product / SKU. NO EXCHANGE if seal is broken or tampered.
Underwear – Only in case of Wrong product / size delivered . PACK SHOULD NOT BE OPENED.

After-Sales Service

Order can be cancelled before it is delivered.

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