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Dermaseta Mini Spa and Hair Removal Kit (AID)
Dermaseta Mini Spa and Hair Removal Kit (AID)
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by Dermaseta. / India

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Main item Configuration

Dermaseta - The Ultimate Hair Remover and Mini Spa.
1. Dermaseta With Base - 1 unit
2. Foot Smoother - 1 unit
3. Body Buffer - 1 unit
4. Pumice Stone - 1 unit
5. Macro Massage - 1 unit
6. Micro Massage - 1 unit
7. Deep Cleanser Brush - 1 unit
8. Bikini line Hair Remover - 1 unit
9. Facial Hair Remover - 1 unit
10. Derma Crystal Hair Removal Pads - 5 pads
11. User Guide
12. Demo CD
13. FREE 1 pack of 10 Hair Removal Pads worth Rs. 790/-
(Warranty 6 months)

Representative A/S Center Tel

Contact No. : 022 61289090 / 91
Email ID :
Timing : 10am to 5pm (Monday to Friday)

Feature Description

1. There is 1 main unit + 7 Attachments
2. There are 2 speed levels
3. Works on a charger (adaptor) (Need to charge for 2 hours to get fully charged - when put on charging base red light indication means in charging process & green light means completely charged).
4. A Complete HOME MINI SPA OR PARLOUR - Bring home your own parlour.
To be used in continous circular movements (otherwise it might bruise your skin). This also exfoliates the dead skin of the body - you will see a powdery type of residue which is the exfoliated dead skin.
ATTACHMENT 2 : BODY BUFFER : (Compulsorily to be used always after the Hair Removal Pad if used even individually) FOR FACE & BODY. Gently brushes out the dead skin from the body surface after using the first attachment of the Hair Removal Pad. This also smoothens & polishes the skin surface to give a shiny, glowing skin. You can put some cream or moisturiser on the face & body & then use this attachment for a better facial effect. With the help of the Body Buffer the cream or the moistuiser will get well absorbed in the skin layers thus leaving the BEST EFFECTS on the skin just like a parlor.
This is Micro Massage attachment for the body like back of neck or as per individual discretion. Also, the best part is that this gives a relaxation of a massage to the body.
Relaxation & de-stress your body.
Also, as you can use this attachment for larger muscles of the body like thighs / lower & upper back / arms - you can also get rid of cellulite (ZIDDI FATS) problems in your body.
Very soft brush for polishing the delicate skin of the face. You can put some cream on face & then use the brush in circular movements. This will help the skin to absorb the goodness of the cream much better in the deeper layers of the skin where the goodness of the cream can penetrate to give the best effects. Gives a glow on the face & polished skin.
Removes hard / dirty corns, calluses & hard skin from the feet. Please note that this is only for the feet & not body skin. You can also combine using this device in circular movements with a pedicure cream or foot scrub applied to your feet.
ATTACHMENT 7 : Foot Smoother : (FOR FEET)
After using the Pumice Stone on the feet use this Foot Smoother. By using this all the dirty residue of the foot which has come out by using the Pumice Stone will be brushed off the feet & also this will smoothen the feet after removing all the dirty calluses & rough, hard skin from the feet.
8. DERMA WANDS - BIG WAND : For unwanted hair removal on the bikini lines of the body.
Removes unwanted hair from the bikini lines of the body. Use in circular movements. Dont rub too much in 1 movement continously.
9. DERMA WANDS - SMALL WAND : For unwanted hair removal from the upper lip of the face.
Removes unwanted hair from Upperlips. Use in circular movements. Dont rub too much in 1 movement continously.
Each Crystal Pad can be used for minimum 5 times. You are already getting 6 pads in the main kit + additional 10 pads as free gifts so you can use them for a very long time. Even if you need to order more Crystal Pads then that can be called for & ordered from the vendor directly as the ordering directions & contact numbers are provided in the kit.

Company/Brand Introduction

Dermaseta Mini Spa Original invention of THANE INTERNATIONAL INC., Canada
It is sold in over 80 countries
It is one it’s best-selling products of all times in the mini spa category
TV Products India - is the latest Company on the Indian DRTV
TV Products Supply top-of-the-line innovative products since the last 16 years
Group’s world-wide sales were close to $400 million
Started shopping operations in April 2010 in India


Made in China
6 months Warranty
User Manual given with product
It is a recharchable product. A charger is provided to help charge the main body.

Use/take/the archive and Precautions

The facial and bikini hair removers do not attach to the Derma Seta
When using Derma Seta for hair removal, redness on the skin may develop, especially if the user has hair that is thicker or longer, this is normal, and will disappear after a day or so.
User should consult a dermatologist before using this device if they have a pre-existing skin condition, sensitive skin or circulation problem.

Please read the user manuals or the user guide given on the products to know how the product is functioning before using the products.


Product can be returned within 48 hrs (2 days) of delivery, only in case of Damage, Wrong or Defective product.
Cosmetics – Only in case of injury / side effect, along with medical note from Reg. Doctor confirming that the side effect is caused by the product.
Digital Items– Only in case of Damaged, Dead on Arrival, or Wrong product / SKU. NO RETURN if seal is broken or tampered.


Product can be exchanged within 48hrs (2 days) of delivery, however the product should be unused AND in as-delivered condition. i.e. With all components, complete packing, tags, manual, warranty card, etc. ( PRODUCT SHOULD NOT BE USED / WORN, WASHED / ASSEMBLED / INSTALLED ) Once correct product is delivered in good condition OR customer has used product, customer has to contact Manufacturer customer care for any product issues.
Cosmetics & Food – Only in case of expired, damaged or wrong product.
Digital Items – Only in case of Damaged, Dead on Arrival, or Wrong product / SKU. NO EXCHANGE if seal is broken or tampered.
Underwear – Only in case of Wrong product / size delivered . PACK SHOULD NOT BE OPENED.

After-Sales Service

Order can be cancelled before it is delivered.



Please remember the Product Name.

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